Echo Show 8 Review: Is This the Ultimate Smart Display?

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Echo Show 8 Review: Is This the Ultimate Smart Display?

Looking for a versatile smart home device? I’ve just had the chance to check out the new Echo Show 8 with an adjustable stand. The bundle, which includes the adjustable stand with a USB-C charging port, really offers a lot. The adjustable stand makes it easy to find the perfect angle for video calls or watching shows. This device has an 8-inch HD touchscreen, which delivers clear and vibrant visuals, and its spatial audio feature fills the room with impressive sound.

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Echo Show 8 with Adjustable Stand

I found the setup process to be straightforward. Plus, the built-in smart home hub allows you to control compatible devices easily, without needing additional gadgets.

Bottom Line

If you are considering upgrading your smart home setup, the Echo Show 8 (3rd gen) stands out with its great display and sound quality.

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Overview of the All-new Echo Show 8

I’ve been using the new Echo Show 8 for a while now, and there are several things I appreciate about it. The 8-inch HD touchscreen is clear, making movies and TV shows look great. The spatial audio is a nice upgrade, filling the room with sound. Video calls are easy and the 13 MP camera offers good video quality. I like how the camera auto-frames and reduces background noise, which helps during calls.

Controlling smart home devices is straightforward with this Echo Show. It supports Zigbee, Matter, and Thread, letting me manage lights, cameras, and other gadgets with my voice or the screen. Yet, it’s not perfect. Sometimes, it can be a little slow to respond to commands. Despite this, the overall experience is positive.

Spatial Audio Experience

Listening to music on the Echo Show 8 is truly a joy. The spatial audio makes songs feel alive and immersive. Whether I’m playing my favorite playlist on Amazon Music or tuning into a podcast, the sound fills the room beautifully. It’s very impressive for a relatively small device. I also love how it enhances video calls with clear and crisp sound. The spatial audio not only makes conversations feel more natural but also makes it easier to hear everyone clearly.

On the flip side, at times the bass can be a bit overpowering, especially with bass-heavy tracks. Adjusting the settings helps, but it’s something to be aware of if you prefer a more balanced sound profile.

High-Definition Touchscreen Display

echo show 8

The 8” HD touchscreen on the new Echo Show 8 is vibrant and clear. I found watching shows on Prime Video and Netflix truly enjoyable. The details pop, and colors are sharp. Navigating the device is a breeze with the responsive touchscreen. Whether you’re quickly swiping through menus or pressing buttons, it all feels smooth and intuitive. One downside is that the screen can get a bit smudgy with fingerprints after frequent use. Keeping a small microfiber cloth handy can help with that. The screen size is just right for viewing from a distance or up close while cooking or working.

Overall, the touchscreen adds a lot of value to the Echo Show, making it a feature I appreciate every time I use it.

Smart Home Integration

Using the Echo Show 8 with my smart home devices has been quite smooth. It supports Zigbee, Matter, and Thread, making it simple to connect various gadgets. I could easily control my lights, cameras, and even my thermostat through the display or voice commands.

One drawback is that it occasionally encounters connectivity issues with certain devices, but overall, it works well with most popular brands. I also found the setup process to be quite easy, with the Alexa app guiding me every step of the way. The built-in smart home hub eliminates the need for additional hubs, which is a big plus.

Video Call Enhancements

echo show doing a video call

Using the latest Echo Show 8 for video calls feels like a big upgrade. The 13 MP camera makes video calls clearer and sharper. A feature I really like is the auto-framing technology that keeps me centered during calls, so I can move around without worrying about adjusting the camera. Another benefit is the noise reduction technology. It cuts down on background noise, making conversations easier to follow. The sound quality is also great, with clear audio on both ends.

One thing I noticed is that the new Top Connections widget makes it simple to start a video call with just one tap. It’s really handy when I need to jump on a call quickly. The adjustable stand with a USB-C charging port adds convenience, letting me charge the device while using it.

On the downside, I wish the camera settings were a bit more customizable, but that’s a minor gripe compared to all the great features.

Privacy Protections

I felt reassured using the Echo Show 8 as it comes with multiple privacy controls. The mic and camera can be turned off with a single button, and there’s a physical shutter for the camera, which adds an extra layer of security. This gave me peace of mind, especially during video calls.

The device also makes it clear that Amazon is not in the business of selling personal data. The multiple layers of privacy controls made me feel confident about my information staying secure while using the smart home features.

Pros and Cons


I really like the new Echo Show 8. The HD touchscreen looks great and the spatial audio fills the room with sound. Watching shows and videos become more enjoyable. Video calls are much clearer with its high-quality camera and sound. The built-in smart home hub is also a nice touch. It controls various smart devices like lights, cameras, and more. You don’t need a separate hub, which simplifies things a lot.

Talking to Alexa to play music or get information works really well. The voice recognition seems pretty accurate. The Top Connections widget for quick calls is handy, too. The adjustable stand with a USB-C charging port is very convenient. It lets you position the screen just right and keeps the device charged at the same time.

Using Amazon Photos to turn the screen into a digital frame is a lovely feature. The adaptive color makes your photos look good in any lighting condition.


On the downside, some popular services require a subscription. This could be a disadvantage if you don’t already subscribe to them. Another minor issue is that the device takes up more space compared to some other smart home devices. It’s not huge but it could be bulky if your space is limited. Lastly, the mic/camera off button needs to be turned on for privacy. While this is a useful feature, it sometimes requires extra steps to ensure your privacy is protected. Quicker privacy controls would be an improvement.

Despite these points, it’s been a solid addition to my home. The pros far outweigh the cons, making this device a worthy investment for anyone looking to upgrade their smart home setup.

Customer Reviews

I found the Echo Show 8 to be a solid addition to my home. Customers agree, giving it a high 4.6-star rating based on 7,375 reviews. Many users appreciate the adjustable stand with the USB-C port, saying it adds convenience to an already useful device. They also love the improved sound quality and sleek design.

Some users did mention a few issues—mostly about the initial setup being a bit tricky. I experienced a minor hiccup during setup but got it sorted out quickly. Overall, the Echo Show 8 gets high marks for its versatility and ease of use.

Ease of Use

Using the Echo Show 8  was straightforward. The setup process took just a few minutes, thanks to clear on-screen instructions. The touchscreen is responsive and easy to navigate.

Voice commands through Alexa worked well, even from across the room. The adjustable stand made it convenient to find the perfect viewing angle, and the USB-C charging port was a nice touch for quick charging. On the downside, I felt the menus could be a bit crowded at times, which made it slightly harder to find specific settings. Overall, navigating through features and functions was mostly intuitive and didn’t require much learning.


My experience with the Echo Show 8 has been very positive. Its features are impressive, making it a great addition to any smart home setup. Voice commands work smoothly, and the adjustable stand with USB-C charging is very convenient. The display is sharp, and the sound quality is robust.

On the downside, the device does sometimes lag a bit when multitasking. Despite this, it fits well into my daily life, helping with everything from managing schedules to streaming videos. If you’re looking for a versatile smart display, the Echo Show 8  is a solid choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the new features of the Echo Show 8 3rd generation compared to the 2nd generation?

The third generation Echo Show 8 comes with some notable enhancements. It has a more immersive experience with spatial audio and an upgraded 13 MP camera for crisper video calls. The HD touchscreen has also been improved for better visual quality. Additionally, the built-in smart home hub now supports more connectivity options like Zigbee, Matter, and Thread, making it easier to control compatible devices.

2. When was the Echo Show 8 3rd generation officially released?

This latest model was officially released in 2023.

3. What is the price range for the Echo Show 8 across different generations?

The price range for the Echo Show 8 varies depending on the generation. Generally, the third generation is priced higher due to its enhanced features, while the second generation is more affordable. Prices can also fluctuate based on seasonal discounts and promotions.

4. How does the Echo Show 8 integrate with smart home devices?

The Echo Show 8 integrates seamlessly with a wide range of smart home devices. It supports Zigbee, Matter, and Thread, which allow for easy pairing and control of compatible smart home products like cameras, lights, and thermostats. You can manage these using the display or voice commands through Alexa. This makes it a handy hub for a connected home.

5. Is it possible to use the Echo Show 8 for video calls, and what apps are supported?

Yes, you can use the Echo Show 8 for video calls. It supports popular apps like Zoom and Skype, making it versatile for both personal and professional communication. The high-quality 13 MP camera and auto-framing feature ensure clear and centered video calls.

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