Govee Thermometer: Master Your Home Climate

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Govee Thermometer: Accurate Home Temperature Monitoring

Thermometers are essential tools in many households. They help monitor temperature accurately, which is important for various tasks, from cooking to checking indoor climate. Digital thermometers have become popular due to their accuracy and ease of use compared to traditional mercury thermometers. Among digital thermometers, the Govee Thermometer stands out for its smart features and user-friendly design.

The Govee Thermometer is a smart device that connects to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allowing you to monitor temperature and humidity levels remotely. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining proper conditions in environments like wine cellars, greenhouses, or nursery rooms. The thermometer sends real-time alerts if the temperature or humidity goes beyond preset levels, ensuring you can take action promptly.

When buying a Govee Thermometer, it’s crucial to consider compatibility with your smart devices, the range of connectivity, and battery life. These factors ensure that you can rely on the thermometer for accurate readings and timely alerts. We spent countless hours researching and testing various Govee Thermometers to identify the ones that provide the best performance and ease of use.

Best Govee Thermometers

These are my top picks for the best Govee thermometers available. I’ve carefully reviewed each one to help you find the perfect option for your needs.

Govee Hygrometer Thermometer H5075

This thermometer is ideal for anyone in need of precise temperature and humidity monitoring with remote app control.


  • Accurate readings
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Useful smart app alerts


  • The app can sometimes be buggy
  • Limited Bluetooth range
  • No backlight for nighttime use

I recently tested the Govee Hygrometer Thermometer and found it to be very accurate. The temperature and humidity readings were spot on, making it reliable for keeping tabs on my home’s environment. The large LCD screen was easy to read, even from a distance.

One feature I particularly liked was the smart app alerts. It sent notifications when the readings went beyond the preset range. This was especially useful for monitoring my greenhouse remotely. The two-second refresh rate keeps the data up to date.

There are a few downsides. The app can occasionally glitch, which can be frustrating. Also, the Bluetooth range is somewhat limited, so you need to stay relatively close. Lastly, the LCD screen lacks a backlight, making it hard to read at night.

Overall, the Govee Hygrometer Thermometer is a solid choice for anyone needing reliable temperature and humidity monitoring with some handy smart features.

Govee WiFi Temperature Sensor

This smart thermometer is perfect for those who need reliable temperature and humidity monitoring.


  • Real-time monitoring via WiFi
  • High accuracy with Swiss sensor
  • Alerts for preset ranges


  • Doesn’t support 5G WiFi
  • Initial setup can be tricky
  • Requires frequent battery changes

The Govee WiFi Temperature Sensor has been a valuable addition to my home. I love how I can keep an eye on the temperature and humidity from anywhere using my phone. It’s especially convenient for my greenhouse where I need precise conditions for my plants.

Setting preset ranges and getting immediate alerts if values go out of those limits has saved me from potential disasters multiple times. The readings are very accurate and refresh every two seconds, so I always have up-to-date information.

One drawback is that it doesn’t support 5G WiFi, which might be a limitation for some users. Also, setting it up initially took a bit of time and effort. Despite these minor issues, I find the convenience and reliability of this device outweigh any downsides.

Govee Hygrometer Thermometer

A smart choice for tracking temperature and humidity at home.


  • Extremely accurate readings
  • Prompt alert notifications
  • Compact and portable design


  • Bluetooth only, no WiFi
  • Battery-powered, requires replacements
  • Limited to 20-day onboard data storage

I found the Govee Hygrometer Thermometer to be a precise and helpful gadget. Its accuracy blew me away, especially with temperature varying by only ±0.54°F. The compact design makes it easy to place anywhere, even in tight spots.

One of the standout features is the prompt alert notifications. Setting temperature and humidity ranges was simple, and I instantly got alerts when readings went outside my set boundaries. This gave me peace of mind, especially for my basement storage.

Despite its strengths, it has a few limitations. The Bluetooth connectivity works well within its 262ft range, but not having WiFi means I can’t monitor it from outside my home. The battery operation is convenient but means I need to keep an eye on battery life. Also, while 20 days of onboard data is helpful, longer historical data requires export via the app.

Overall, it’s a reliable device that does its job well, particularly for home use.

Govee WiFi Thermometer H5103

The Govee WiFi Thermometer H5103 is a reliable choice for anyone needing accurate and easy-to-read temperature and humidity readings.


  • Accurate temperature and humidity readings
  • Easy-to-read electronic ink display
  • Smart alert function for changes in settings


  • Not compatible with 5G Wi-Fi
  • Initial setup can be complicated
  • Slight variations in humidity readings

One thing I liked about the Govee WiFi Thermometer was its precise temperature readings. With a Swiss-made sensor, the accuracy was impressive, making it easy to trust the data.

The display is another strong point. The electronic ink screen is clear, and I found it easy to read even from a distance. The app integration makes checking the current conditions convenient and straightforward.

Although the setup took a bit of time, once configured, the alerts for temperature and humidity changes were helpful. This feature helped me keep an eye on any significant changes without constantly checking the device.

While the thermometer performs well, it’s worth noting that it’s not compatible with 5G Wi-Fi networks. Also, during my use, I noticed some minor inconsistencies in humidity readings. Despite these issues, the overall functionality remained solid.

If you need an accurate, easy-to-monitor thermometer for your home, the Govee WiFi Thermometer H5103 is a worthwhile investment.

Govee 3 Pack Thermometer

govee thermometer 3 pack

The Govee Thermometer is a reliable choice for anyone looking to monitor temperature and humidity with ease.


  • Accurate readings within a wide range
  • Compact design, perfect for small spaces
  • Smart alerts keep you informed


  • App dependency for data access
  • Calibration needed for best results
  • Bluetooth range can be limited indoors

Using this thermometer was easy and straightforward. The compact size made it incredibly versatile to place in any small area like potted plants or cigar humidors. I appreciated the precise measurements, which were consistently accurate and reliable.

The smart alert notifications were a game changer. I set my preferred temperature and humidity ranges on the Govee Home App, and the alerts kept me updated whenever conditions went outside these presets.

Connecting the thermometer via Bluetooth worked well, although I had to place the hub strategically to maintain a strong connection. Despite this minor setup effort, the product performed excellently and kept track of environmental data efficiently.

For further details and to purchase, check out the Govee Thermometer.

GoveeLife Hygrometer Thermometer H5104

govee thermometer 5104 model

This thermometer is great for anyone who wants accurate readings and easy monitoring.


  • Accurate temperature and humidity readings
  • Easy remote monitoring with Bluetooth
  • Data storage and export capabilities


  • No WiFi support
  • Needs AAA batteries
  • Limited to Bluetooth range

I recently used the GoveeLife Hygrometer Thermometer H5104, and it instantly became a favorite. The accurate readings it provides are impressive, making it reliable for monitoring my home’s environment. The Swiss-made sensor ensures I get precise temperature and humidity levels.

The Bluetooth connectivity featured in this product is another benefit. I could monitor the temperature from different rooms without any issues, which is especially helpful for spaces like wine cellars or greenhouses. Additionally, the data storage feature allows for easy exporting of up to two years of data, which proves useful for any long-term tracking.

On the downside, the device doesn’t support WiFi, which can be an inconvenience for some users. It also relies on AAA batteries, which you’ll need to replace periodically. Despite these minor drawbacks, the GoveeLife Hygrometer Thermometer H5104 remains an excellent choice for accurate and convenient home monitoring.

Buying Guide

When buying a thermometer, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key points to guide your choice:

Accuracy and Range

Look for a thermometer with high accuracy. Check the range it covers to ensure it meets your needs.

Display and Readability

Choose a thermometer with a clear, easy-to-read display. A backlit screen can help in low-light conditions.


Consider if you need Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. This feature allows data to sync with your smartphone for easy monitoring.

Battery Life

Long battery life is essential. Check if the thermometer uses replaceable batteries or has a rechargeable option.


A durable thermometer can withstand drops and last longer. Look for strong build quality.


Set a budget and compare features within that range. You don’t always need to go for the most expensive option.


Think about where you’ll use the thermometer. Some are better for indoor use, while others can be used outdoors.

Keep these points in mind to find the thermometer that best fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve gathered common questions about the Govee thermometer to help you use it better. You’ll find answers on connecting to WiFi, using the app, calibrating, and more.

1. How can I connect my Govee thermometer to WiFi?

First, download the Govee Home app. Open the app and create an account or log in. Turn on your thermometer and follow the app’s instructions to connect the device to your WiFi network.

2. Where can I find the user manual for my Govee thermometer?

You can find the user manual on the Govee website. Look for the support or downloads section, where you can search for your specific model and download the manual.

3. How do I use the Govee Home app to monitor temperature and humidity?

Open the Govee Home app and select your connected thermometer from the list of devices. The app will display real-time temperature and humidity readings. You can also set alerts and view historical data.

4. Is calibration required for Govee thermometers and how is it performed?

Yes, calibration can improve accuracy. To calibrate, place the thermometer in a stable environment for 20 minutes. Then, go to the device settings in the Govee Home app and follow the calibration instructions provided.

5. What is the accuracy range of the Govee thermometer readings?

Govee thermometers typically have an accuracy range of ±0.5°F for temperature and ±3% for humidity. Check your specific model’s manual for exact details.

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