Philips Hue Starter Kit: Your Gateway to Smart Home Lighting

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Philips Hue Starter Kit Review – Is It Worth the Hype?

Sometimes, a little change in lighting can completely transform the look and feel of a room. I recently got my hands on the Philips Hue Smart Light Starter Kit, and it’s been a game-changer. The setup was pretty straightforward, and once I had everything up and running, I was able to control the lights with my phone and voice commands.

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Philips Hue Smart Light Starter Kit

One of the highlights for me was the range of colors and moods you can set with these bulbs. From warm to cool, to millions of colors, the mood options are endless. It’s great for setting different scenes depending on the activity, whether it’s a cozy evening or a lively gathering.

On the downside, I noticed the bulbs aren’t as bright as I initially thought. If you’re planning to light up a large room, you might need a few more bulbs to get sufficient brightness.

Bottom Line

The Philips Hue Starter Kit is a great addition for anyone looking to add smart lighting to their home. It’s easy to set up and the control options are very convenient.

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Why the Philips Hue Smart Light Starter Kit Is a Game Changer

philips hue started kit and bulbs setup

Setting up the Hue Smart Light Kit was incredibly simple. The app guided me through every step, making it easy even for someone who’s not tech-savvy. The bulbs screw in like regular ones, but the magic begins when you connect them through the app.

The ability to change colors is impressive. It’s fun and useful, especially when setting the mood for different occasions. Whether I want a cozy warm light for reading or vibrant colors for a party, it’s all possible with just a few taps on my phone.

Controlling the lights with voice commands is convenient. I can ask Alexa to dim the lights without leaving my seat. This hands-free feature adds comfort and ease to my daily routines.

One downside is that the lights aren’t as bright as I anticipated. To light up a large room, you might need to add more bulbs. Overall though, the flexibility in adjusting brightness and color makes up for it.

Unlock the Full Power of Your Home with the Included Bridge

With the included bridge, I can control my lights from anywhere. Whether I’m at home or away, I feel secure knowing my lights are on a stable connection. Control never drains my Wi-Fi, and it’s easy to use.

I love the automations. I’ve set my lights to turn on and off based on my schedule. The bridge makes everything smooth and reliable. Matter connectivity also lets me integrate other smart devices seamlessly. One thing I noticed is the setup was straightforward. A few taps in the Hue app, and I was ready to go. My home feels smarter and more efficient with this bridge. No fuss, just a smart home that works.

Personalize Your Ambiance with Millions of Colors

I loved how easy it was to change up my room using the Hue Starter Kit. With so many color choices, I could switch from a cozy warm light for reading to a vibrant color for movie nights. It didn’t take long to find the perfect shades for any mood.

The best part is the preset scenes. I found myself using the reading and relax settings a lot. They were just right without needing further tweaks. The voice control feature worked smoothly with Alexa, making adjustments super convenient. Simply saying “dim the lights” or “change to blue” instantly transformed my space.

What I wasn’t thrilled about was the initial setup. It took me a bit to get everything connected. But once I was past that, the variety of colors made it worth the effort.

Effortless Control with Voice Commands

philips hue bulb

Changing the lighting in my home has never been easier. With simple voice commands, I can control the lights from any room. I use Alexa to turn them on and off, dim them, or change colors. It’s incredibly convenient when I have my hands full or just want to set the mood without getting up.

One thing I noticed is that sometimes the lights take a moment to respond. Still, the ease of making adjustments by just speaking makes this small delay worth it. Setting up the voice control in the Hue app was straightforward. I followed the prompts and had my lights working with Alexa in no time.

Having voice control also means I can quickly adjust the lighting based on the task at hand. Whether I’m doing homework, watching a movie, or having dinner, I can get the perfect lighting without lifting a finger.

Transform Your Day with Preset Scenes

With preset scenes, enjoy seamless changes to your home’s lighting. I found the scenes perfect for setting the right mood. In the morning, my lights greeted me with a gentle brightness that helped me wake up slowly. During work hours, the bright and energetic light kept me focused and alert.

Preset scenes are easy to switch between, just using the app or voice commands. They make transitioning from one activity to another so smooth. I used the dimmer switch, which provided instant adjustments.

Using these preset scenes did have some small issues. Sometimes the scenes didn’t change as quickly as I’d like. However, these minor delays didn’t overshadow the benefits. The scenes truly transformed the atmosphere of my home, making daily routines more enjoyable.

The ease of use and variety of atmosphere settings available made a noticeable difference in my daily life.

Pros and Cons of the Philips Hue Starter Kit


Using the Hue kit was a game-changer for my home lighting. The setup process was straightforward, only taking me about an hour to get everything running. The lights responded quickly to my commands, whether through the app or voice assistant. I was impressed by how easily I could change the mood of a room by adjusting the colors and brightness.

The Hue Bridge is a strong point of this kit. It provides a stable connection that doesn’t drain my Wi-Fi, unlike other smart home devices I’ve used in the past. I also loved the preset scenes feature which made it easy to set the right lighting for different times of day.


While I enjoyed various features, I noticed a few downsides. The brightness of the bulbs wasn’t as high as I expected. In larger rooms, I had to use multiple bulbs to achieve the desired lighting level. Another issue I faced was during the initial setup; the process involved several steps which felt a bit monotonous.

Despite these issues, the overall functionality and customization options made the Hue kit stand out.

What Customers Are Saying About Philips Hue Starter Kit

After using the Philips Hue system for a while, I noticed several recurring themes in customer feedback. Many users appreciate how easy it is to set up. Most find the app and experience user-friendly, which makes controlling the lights a breeze. The ability to change colors for different occasions is a big hit.

On the downside, some people feel the lights aren’t bright enough for larger rooms. You might need multiple bulbs to light up a space effectively. Another point is the setup process can be a bit tedious with many steps, though not overly difficult.

Overall, the Philips Hue system seems reliable with strong connectivity, especially when using the bridge. The lights respond quickly to changes and work well with various smart home systems like Alexa and HomeKit. The product might be on the pricey side, but users agree it’s worth the investment.


I found the Philips Hue Starter Kit to be a solid choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home lighting. The ability to change colors using an app or voice assistant is both fun and practical. It truly adds a unique touch for various holidays and events.

On the plus side, setup was mostly straightforward with a little bit of button pressing and tweaking required. The bulbs responded well to commands and had good connectivity within my experience.

However, the brightness could be a bit lacking depending on your room size. You might need more bulbs to achieve the desired illumination. Despite this, the features and ease of use make it worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I setup my Philips Hue Starter Kit for the first time?

Setting up your Philips Hue Starter Kit is simple. First, screw the bulbs into your light fixtures. Then, plug in the Hue Bridge to your router using the included Ethernet cable. Once connected, download the Philips Hue app on your smartphone. Follow the app’s instructions to connect the bulbs and the bridge. Lastly, you can mount the dimmer switch using the included adhesive or magnetic backing.

2. What are the differences between the E26 and E27 bulb types in the Hue Starter Kits?

The main difference between E26 and E27 bulbs is the socket size. The E26 bulbs are slightly smaller and typically used in North America, while the E27 bulbs are more common in Europe. Both types are compatible with the same fixtures, so the choice largely depends on your location.

3. How many lights can be connected to a single Philips Hue Bridge?

A single Philips Hue Bridge can connect up to 50 lights. This allows you to control a wide range of lights throughout your home using the app and create various lighting scenes and automations.

4. Are the bulbs in the Philips Hue Starter Kit dimmable?

Yes, the bulbs in the Philips Hue Starter Kit are dimmable. You can easily adjust the brightness using the Philips Hue app or the included dimmer switch. This feature helps to create the perfect lighting for any mood or activity.

5. Can I integrate Philips Hue Starter Kit with my smart TV for ambient lighting?

Yes, you can integrate your Philips Hue Starter Kit with your smart TV. By using apps like Hue Sync, you can match your TV’s colors with your lights to create an immersive viewing experience. This feature brings movies, shows, and games to life by extending the colors onto your walls.

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