Ring Chime Pro: Revolution at Your Doorstep

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Ring Chime Pro: All-new Doorbell Pro Review – Worth It?

Thinking about upgrading your home security setup? I’ve recently tried the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro with Ring Chime Pro, and it has been quite the experience. The improved video quality is amazing with its Head-to-Toe 1536p HD+ video. It gives a clear view of everything happening at your front door, even at night. I also found the Bird’s Eye Zones feature quite handy, allowing me to set specific areas to monitor for movement. The battery pack makes it easy to recharge without any hassle.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of drawbacks. Some users reported issues with the responsiveness of motion alerts. Personally, I noticed some missed alerts as well. Also, the image can get blurry at times, especially from certain angles. The unit’s size may be an issue for some door frames as it was a tight fit for me.

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Bottom Line

The Ring Battery Doorbell Pro is packed with useful features and offers great video quality. Despite some minor issues, it’s a solid choice for boosting your home security. Ready for an upgrade? Click here to purchase the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro.

Unboxing the All-New Ring Battery Doorbell Pro with Ring Chime Pro

When I first got my hands on the new Ring Battery Doorbell Pro with Ring Chime Pro, the packaging felt solid and well-organized. The box included the doorbell unit, a rechargeable battery pack, a satin nickel faceplate, and all the necessary installation tools.

The setup guide was straightforward, and even for someone not so tech-savvy, it was easy to follow. I also found the inclusion of a USB charging cable handy, making it simple to ensure the battery was fully charged before installation.

One minor inconvenience was that the unit felt a bit bulky, especially if you have a narrow door frame. Despite this, the quality and durability of the materials were clearly top-notch.

With everything neatly packed, I was ready to tackle the installation and excited to see how it would perform right out of the box.

Cutting-Edge Imaging Technology

ring chime pro

I tried out the All-new Ring Battery Doorbell Pro, and its image quality blew me away. The 1536p HD+ video provides clear and detailed visuals that help identify visitors easily. The color night vision is great, even in low light. The wide 150° field of view ensures you don’t miss anything happening around your front door.


  • High-definition video.
  • Color night vision.
  • Wide field of view.


  • Requires a strong Wi-Fi connection for the best performance.

Despite needing good Wi-Fi, the imaging technology on this Ring doorbell is impressive. It’s like having an extra set of eyes on your doorstep, day or night.

Next-Level Motion Detection Capabilities

I recently tested the motion detection features of the new Ring doorbell, and I can say it’s impressive. The 3D Motion Detection allows you to set Bird’s Eye Zones up to 30 feet away. This means you can pinpoint movement exactly where you need it.

The Bird’s Eye View feature is useful for getting an overview of any activity around your property. This helped me a lot in tracking package deliveries. Despite these strengths, sometimes the motion detection can be too sensitive, leading to false alerts.

Overall, the motion detection on this device has some strong capabilities that are a big improvement from previous versions.

Integration with Smart Home Ecosystem

smart home doorbell in smart home

The smart home integration with the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro is simple and effective. I easily connected it to my Alexa device, which lets me ask Alexa to show me who’s at the door. The integration with other smart home devices means I can receive real-time alerts on my smart speakers.

The setup process is straightforward, and you don’t need much technical knowledge. Linking the doorbell to other devices like smart locks or lights adds convenience and security. On the downside, some features require a Ring Protect subscription for full functionality.

In my experience, the seamless integration enhances the overall smart home experience. There’s less hassle in managing multiple devices, and the two-way talk feature through Alexa is quite handy.

Pros and Cons


The Battery Doorbell Pro’s video quality is top-notch. The 1536p head-to-toe HD+ video offers a clear and detailed view of everything happening at the front door. Night vision works impressively well, adding a sense of security after dark. I’ve found the 3D Motion Detection and Bird’s Eye View features to be particularly helpful. This allows me to pinpoint motion and reduce unnecessary alerts. The quick-release battery pack is a game-changer, making recharging straightforward.

Another advantage is the integration with Alexa. It’s convenient to receive announcements and engage in two-way talk through compatible Echo devices. Knowing when a package arrives through the person + package alerts is handy, especially if you subscribe to the Ring Protect plan. The unit works well even without existing doorbell wiring, which is great for flexibility.


A downside is the cost – it’s on the pricier side compared to other options. Some users, including myself, noticed occasional issues with the motion alerts not triggering as consistently as expected. There were moments when someone stood right in front of it without notifying me, which was frustrating.

The doorbell is also a bit bulky. Installing it on a narrow door frame required purchasing an extra mount, which added to the cost. Additionally, the image quality from the wide-angle lens can be blurry unless a person is directly in the center of the frame. This is less efficient than the previous models, which was disappointing given the upgrade price. Lastly, those living in apartments might find alignment issues where it could point towards neighbors’ doors, causing privacy concerns.

Customer Review Highlights

When I first installed the new Ring Doorbell Pro, the improved video quality stood out. Many users also noticed this upgrade, especially when compared to older models. Some were pleased with the faster response time and were grateful for the battery feature, which is perfect for homes without existing wiring.

On the downside, several users mentioned that the wide-angle lens could be a bit of a problem, with the image quality sometimes appearing blurry unless up close. I also read about issues with motion detection. A few customers reported the unit not always sending alerts when it should.

Overall, the new features and improvements generally received positive feedback. Yet, there are some who felt the product did not meet all their expectations, especially when compared to prior Ring models.

Installation and Maintenance

smart home installed

Setting up the All-new Ring Battery Doorbell Pro with Ring Chime Pro was straightforward. It took me about five minutes to install. Everything you need comes in the box, including the installation tools and a setup guide.

I appreciated the quick-release battery pack, which made charging easy. Maintenance is minimal. The doorbell can switch between battery power and plug-in power if you choose to purchase the adapter.

Make sure your WiFi is strong for seamless connectivity. The device also gets regular software updates, so you don’t have to worry about security issues. Checking and adjusting settings in the Ring app is simple, keeping maintenance low-key.

Security and Privacy Considerations

When I installed the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro, security and privacy were my top priorities. One thing I liked is the advanced motion detection. It allows you to customize specific zones to monitor, which helped me reduce false alerts. I felt a bit more secure knowing I could pinpoint exactly where to detect motion.

Yet, I had some privacy concerns with video recording. Even though it offers clear footage, it’s important to remember that storing recordings usually requires a subscription to Ring Protect. This means my data could be in the cloud. While convenient, it made me think hard about who could access my personal video footage.

Using it with Alexa was a nice touch for added home monitoring, but it’s also another layer of tech that could potentially be a privacy risk. Overall, it’s best to review these aspects carefully before getting one.


The new Ring Battery Doorbell Pro with Chime Pro has impressed me with its clear video quality and quick responses. I like that it works well even in low light conditions. The battery feature is convenient since I don’t have existing wiring. On the downside, it’s wider than my door frame, so I had to buy a special mount. Also, the wide-angle lens isn’t as good as I expected. Overall, it’s a solid upgrade but has room for improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I set up my Ring Chime Pro with the app?

Setting up the Ring Chime Pro with the app was straightforward. I downloaded the Ring app on my phone, created an account, and followed the instructions step-by-step. Tip: Make sure your Wi-Fi is stable during setup, as interruptions can cause delays.

2. What are the differences between the Ring Chime Pro generations?

The newer generation of the Ring Chime Pro features improved Wi-Fi performance and a sleeker design. The sound quality and volume control are also enhanced. Compared to previous models, I noticed better connectivity and a more user-friendly interface.

3. How does the Ring Chime Pro work as a Wi-Fi extender?

The Ring Chime Pro doubles as a Wi-Fi extender, boosting the signal to improve the connection between my Ring devices. It effectively eliminated dead zones in my home, ensuring reliable performance. Rumor: It also allegedly works well with other Wi-Fi devices.

4. Is the Ring Chime Pro compatible with all Ring devices?

Yes, the Ring Chime Pro is compatible with a wide range of Ring devices. From doorbells to security cameras, all my devices connected without any issues. Compatibility: Check the official site for a list of supported devices if you have any doubts.

5. What are the latest features of the Ring Chime Pro 3 compared to previous models?

The newest Ring Chime Pro has several upgraded features, including better Wi-Fi coverage and enhanced audio notifications. I find the customizable alert tones very useful. The built-in nightlight is another handy feature that adds convenience.

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