Sifely Smart Lock Review: Is This the Ultimate Keyless Entry?

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Sifely Smart Lock Review: Is This the Ultimate Keyless Entry?

Have you ever struggled with forgetting your keys just when you need them most? Well, I recently tried the Sifely Smart Lock, and it turned out to be pretty useful for avoiding such moments. Imagine being able to enter your home using just your fingerprint or a simple code.

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Sifely Smart Lock

One of the first things I appreciated was the easy installation. I had it set up with just a Phillips screwdriver in minutes, making it great for someone like me who isn’t very handy. It’s great that it comes with multiple ways to unlock, including key cards and an app for more tech-savvy folks.

Bottom Line

The Sifely Smart Lock offers both convenience and security. If you’re looking to avoid the hassle of keys, this is a solid choice.

Give it a try and see how it can make your life easier. Consider purchasing the Sifely Smart Lock and upgrading your home security today!

Overview of Sifely Smart Lock

I had the chance to try out the Sifely Smart Lock, and it really impressed me. It offers six ways to unlock your door, including a fingerprint sensor in the handle, making it very convenient. The fingerprint sensor is fast and accurate, making for an easy, one-step entry.

One thing I liked is the ease of installation. I didn’t need a drill or special tools—just a Phillips screwdriver. This saved a lot of time and hassle.

For those who travel often or manage rental properties, the remote access feature is very handy. You can pair the lock with a WiFi gateway (sold separately) to control it from anywhere.

On the downside, it might not fit some types of doors like screen or storm doors due to its size.

Seamless Keyless Entry

smart lock

One thing I immediately appreciated about the Sifely smart lock is its seamless keyless entry. It offers multiple ways to unlock your door, which is a game-changer. I’ve used the fingerprint sensor on the handle, and it’s incredibly quick and easy to use. Just place your thumb on the sensor, and the door unlocks instantly.

Not having to fumble for keys is a huge convenience. The option to use a keypad, key fobs, or the app adds to the flexibility. I often use the app for remote access, which is handy when guests arrive unexpectedly.

A minor issue I noticed is that the fingerprint sensor can be a bit finicky in wet conditions. This isn’t a deal-breaker but something to keep in mind. Overall, the different entry methods make it super convenient and reliable for everyday use.

Enhanced Security with Fingerprint Access

One thing I found impressive about the Sifely Smart Lock is the fingerprint access feature. Using my fingerprint to unlock the door feels really secure and high-tech. The fingerprint sensor is right on the handle, making it easy to use without any extra steps.

What I appreciate most is how quick and responsive the sensor is. It takes just a second to unlock the door, which is great when I’m in a hurry.

However, there were a few times when it didn’t recognize my fingerprint right away, especially if my hands were wet. Despite this, I still feel it’s a reliable and secure way to keep my home safe.

In summary, this feature brings a lot of convenience and peace of mind.

Easy DIY Installation

Taking only a few minutes, setting up the Sifely smart lock was pretty straightforward. I didn’t need any special tools—just a Phillips screwdriver. This meant no drilling or calling a locksmith, which was a huge plus. I simply followed the clear instructions provided, and before I knew it, the lock was securely in place.

An added benefit is the reversible door handle, making it fit both left and right-handed doors easily. One thing to watch out for, though, is that it might not work with screen or storm doors due to its size.

Overall, this smart lock made installation hassle-free and quick, saving me time and money.

Remote Access and Control

The ability to control this lock remotely is a huge plus. With the optional WiFi Gateway, I can lock or unlock my door from anywhere. This came in handy when I was away and needed to let a friend into my house. I simply used the app to grant access.

One downside is you have to buy the WiFi Gateway separately. Once I got it, setting up remote access was straightforward. I can also check access logs in real-time, which is reassuring. This feature adds a layer of convenience and security that’s hard to beat.

Pros and Cons


One of the best things about this lock is the multiple ways to unlock it. It offers six options: fingerprint, passcode, key card, wireless key fob, physical keys, and app control. This makes it versatile and convenient.

The fingerprint sensor is very responsive. I found it quick and secure. Turning the handle with your thumb feels natural and efficient.

Setting it up was easy. I didn’t need any special tools, just a Phillips screwdriver. The instructions were clear, and I had it installed in no time.

It’s great for families. Even my kids can use it without much fuss. The auto-lock feature adds an extra layer of security, ensuring the door is always locked when we leave.


The lock does have some drawbacks. The fingerprint sensor occasionally failed to read my fingerprint on the first try. It wasn’t a big deal since it worked on the second attempt, but it could be annoying in a hurry.

It’s not compatible with all door types. The lock is too big for screen doors or storm doors. So, make sure to measure properly before buying.

Lastly, to fully use its features, you need to get the optional WiFi Gateway. This adds to the cost, and without it, you miss out on remote control and real-time access logs.

In summary, the Sifely Smart Lock is a solid choice with some minor issues. If you need a reliable and versatile door lock, this one is worth considering.

Customer Reviews

I noticed many customers appreciate the Sifely Smart Lock’s ease of installation and user-friendly features. People find it reliable with options to open it using fingerprints, passcodes, fobs, or a physical key. The sleek and durable design is frequently highlighted, often enhancing the look of their doors.

Some users mentioned occasional issues with fingerprint recognition. It’s not common but might require a second attempt to unlock. Despite this, the overall performance seems satisfactory. One user shared how it perfectly secured their shed without the need for a traditional key.

Even though there are a few minor hiccups, the feedback is mostly positive. The lock seems to fulfill its promises effectively for most buyers.


After using the Sifely Smart Lock, I find it very convenient for everyday use. The different entry options make it flexible. Sometimes, my fingerprint doesn’t get read on the first try. That issue is minor and quick to solve.

The lock’s heavy-duty feel and stylish look add to its appeal. It was simple to install and program. It offers both security and ease of use.


  • Multiple entry options (fingerprint, fob key, passcode, physical key)
  • Easy installation
  • Heavy-duty and stylish appearance


  • Occasional fingerprint reading errors

Overall, it’s a reliable and secure choice for anyone looking to upgrade their door lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I install my new Sifely Smart Lock?

The installation is straightforward and can be done with just a Phillips screwdriver. There’s no need for extra drills or a locksmith. Here’s what I did:

  1. Remove your old lock: Use the screwdriver to take out the screws and remove the existing lock.
  2. Install the mounting plate: Secure the mounting plate to the door.
  3. Attach the lock: Place the Sifely lock on the mounting plate and screw it into place.
  4. Install the handle: Make sure the fingerprint sensor is on the correct side for your door.
  5. Test the lock: Ensure everything is aligned and working by trying out the different unlocking methods like the keypad and fingerprint.

2. What steps are involved in resetting my Sifely Smart Lock?

If you need to reset your smart lock, follow these steps. I had to do this once to reconfigure the settings:

  1. Open the battery cover: This is usually on the inside part of the lock.
  2. Press the reset button: Hold it for about 5 seconds until you hear a beep.
  3. Reconfigure the lock: Use the app or the keypad to set up your new codes and fingerprints.

3. How can I troubleshoot issues when my Sifely Smart Lock is not working?

When I had issues with my Sifely lock, these steps helped:

  1. Check battery levels: The lock might not respond if the batteries are low.
  2. Re-register fingerprints: Sometimes, it helps to remove and re-add the fingerprints through the app.
  3. Reboot the lock: You can do this by removing the batteries for a minute, then putting them back in.

4. What should I do to properly maintain the battery for my Sifely Smart Lock?

To keep the battery in good shape, follow these tips:

  • Use high-quality batteries: Invest in good brands for longer life.
  • Replace batteries promptly: Don’t wait until they are completely drained.
  • Monitor through the app: The app shows battery levels so you can plan replacements.

5. Is the Sifely Smart Lock resistant to various weather conditions?

My lock has held up well in different weather, but it’s crucial to note:

  • Rain and humidity: The lock is water-resistant, but not waterproof.
  • Extreme temperatures: Avoid using it in very hot or cold environments for prolonged periods.
  • Dust and debris: Regularly clean the fingerprint sensor and keypad to ensure they function correctly.
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