August Smart Lock: Pro Review with Advanced Technology

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August Smart Lock Pro Review: Secure Your Home with Advanced Technology

Smart home technology is reshaping how we interact with the devices in our homes, offering enhanced convenience, security, and efficiency. At the heart of this transformation are smart locks, which allow users to manage access to their homes without the traditional key. The August Smart Lock stands out in this category. It is a device that transforms your smartphone into a key that can lock and unlock your door, grant secure digital keys, and track who is coming and going with a 24/7 activity feed.

Smart locks are designed to blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetics and your lifestyle. The August Smart Lock retrofits to your existing deadbolt, meaning installation doesn’t require you to change the external hardware of your door, preserving the traditional look and avoiding the need to replace keys for everyone. Its compatibility with various smart home ecosystems, like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, also makes it a flexible choice for those looking to integrate it into their broader smart home setup.

When purchasing a smart lock like the August model, key considerations include its compatibility with your existing hardware, ease of installation, battery life, security features, and how it integrates with other smart devices. For example, the August Smart Lock’s proprietary DoorSense technology ensures that the door is both closed and locked for peace of mind. Additionally, the lock’s ability to create temporary keys for guests or service providers is essential for those who value not only security but also convenience and hospitality.

Understanding how a smart lock can enhance the security and convenience of your home life is essential. After thorough research and testing, I’ve determined that the right smart lock can make a significant difference in how you interact with your home. The August Smart Lock is a strong contender in this space, providing a secure, flexible, and user-friendly solution for modern living.

Top August Smart Locks

I’ve researched and selected high-quality August Smart Locks that enhance home security while providing convenience. The following list showcases the top picks, each offering unique features that cater to various needs and preferences. If you’re seeking reliable smart locks, my curated selection is designed to guide you to the best options available.

August Home Smart Lock + Connect

august connect smart lock

I’d recommend the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock for anyone seeking secure, keyless entry combined with ease of installation and use.


  • Enhances existing deadbolt with smart features without altering exterior aesthetics
  • Streamlines access by allowing keyless entry and easy sharing of access
  • Simple, swift DIY installation transforming your door in minutes


  • Requires separate purchase of Smart Keypad for code access
  • Occasional hiccups in connectivity can be a mild inconvenience
  • The initial cost may be a stretch for budget-conscious buyers

Having installed the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock on my front door, the convenience it brings is immediately noticeable. The product’s design fits snugly over the existing deadbolt on the interior side of the door, ensuring the external appearance of my entryway remains unchanged. Coupled with the smartphone app, granting family and friends access is straightforward, eliminating the need to hide or copy keys.

The lock’s intuitive nature became apparent from day one. Installation was a breeze, taking only about 10 minutes with just a screwdriver and following the included instructions. I didn’t need to call a locksmith or have any special skills, which was a relief.

The features that stand out are the auto-lock and unlock capabilities. The lock detects when I approach the door and unlocks, which is both magical and highly practical when I’m carrying groceries or coming home in the dark. Conversely, knowing the door will auto-lock behind me provides peace of mind whenever I step out.

Despite its clear perks, I’ve experienced minor frustrations. The lock relies on my Wi-Fi network, and there have been times when the connectivity dropped, requiring a bit of troubleshooting. Additionally, while I enjoy the convenience of unlocking via the app, not having a Smart Keypad means I’m dependent on my phone; purchasing the keypad is an added expense. Lastly, the upfront investment for the August lock is significant, but for the functionality and security it offers, I find it worthwhile.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

wifi smart lock

I’d recommend the August Smart Lock for the convenience of keyless entry and its seamless integration with home assistants, despite a few shortcomings.


  • Simple installation that’s DIY-friendly
  • Remote access and guest keys are a breeze to manage
  • Auto-unlock feature adds a touch of smart luxury


  • Occasionally, the Wi-Fi bridge may be temperamental
  • The auto-unlock function may not be consistent, especially if your phone battery dies
  • For those unfamiliar with technology, the initial setup may be a tad complex

I just got around to mounting my August Smart Lock, and it was as straightforward as advertised. The lock latched onto my existing deadbolt easily, and I didn’t need to alter my door hardware, which was a huge plus. Syncing it with my August app allowed me to toss my keys aside and rely on my phone for access — a modern-day convenience that felt transformative.

Its compatibility with Alexa and Google caught my eye from the get-go, so I was thrilled when I discovered how simple it was to voice command my door’s locking mechanism while juggling groceries. Sending temporary keys to friends via the app provided me with a sense of control that I never knew I needed.

Even with my praise, the smart lock is not without its quirks. The Wi-Fi bridge, crucial for remote operation, once played hard to connect, which could be frustrating if you’re away and need to access your lock remotely. Plus, there were moments when the Auto-Unlock didn’t trigger as I approached, particularly when my phone’s battery was low, which was inconvenient at times.

In essence, the August Smart Lock offers a mix of convenience and tech-savvy home security, with minor imperfections that one would expect from any smart home device. If the pros speak to you more than the cons, this smart lock might just be the key to your smart home puzzle.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock & Keypad

August Home Smart Lock

Having just enhanced my home security with the August Smart Lock, I can confidently say it merges convenience and safety in an impressive package that’s well-suited for modern living.


  • Effortless to install with a seamless fit over my existing deadbolt
  • Keyless entry through the smart keypad is a game-changer for guests
  • Remote access and monitoring via the app adds peace of mind


  • Battery replacement can be an unexpected chore
  • Keypad visibility may be compromised in bright sunlight
  • Initial cost may be steep for budget-conscious shoppers

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock has transformed my front door into a gateway of smart technology. The installation process was notably straightforward, and I was pleasantly surprised that it took me less than 10 minutes to get everything up and running without needing to alter my existing deadbolt. It’s liberating not to have to fumble for keys, especially when my hands are full.

One of the immediate benefits I noticed was the ability to grant access remotely. It’s a comforting thought that I can let family or friends in even when I’m miles away. Moreover, strolling up to my door and having it unlock as I approach feels like a bit of futuristic luxury brought into the present.

On the flip side, the dependency on technology does add a new layer of upkeep. For instance, keeping an eye on the battery levels became an additional task for me to remember. Also, the keypad can be challenging to read under bright sunlight, which could be a minor annoyance. Yet, these are small trade-offs for the convenience and control it provides.

In summary, the August Smart Lock not only enhances the security of my home with its robust features and reliable performance but also integrates elegantly with my lifestyle, streamlining my daily routines with its intelligent design.

August Smart Keypad

For anyone looking to enhance their home security with convenient, keyless entry, this August Smart Keypad is a solid investment.


  • Effortless one-touch locking
  • Quick setup and user-friendly
  • Allows custom codes for guests


  • Limited range of Bluetooth connectivity
  • No backlight on keypad
  • Batteries are not rechargeable

I appreciate the simplicity of this accessory. It was simple to install: within minutes, I had connected it to my August Smart Lock via Bluetooth. The freedom to attach it anywhere around my doorframe is practical, although I am careful to keep it within the recommended Bluetooth range.

Having custom entry codes comes in handy more often than I anticipated. It’s especially valuable when I have guests staying over or if I’ve scheduled a dog walker. They can come and go without me worrying about spare keys. It’s comforting to know exactly who enters my house and when, thanks to the activity log.

One downside, though, is the keypad lacks a backlight, making it tricky to use at night. Although this isn’t a deal-breaker for me, it is something I keep in mind. Also, I must ensure the keypad stays within Bluetooth range of the lock, which can be limiting in some home layouts.

All in all, the keypad complements the August Smart Lock well. It provides that extra layer of convenience and security. Despite its limitations, such as the lack of a backlight and rechargeable batteries, I find the trade-off worthwhile for the added convenience and control it brings to my door security system.

Buying Guide

When I’m in the market for a smart lock, I consider several key features to determine the best option for my needs.

Ease of Installation

I always check the installation process. Compatibility with my existing door setup is crucial. A good smart lock should require minimal modifications.

  • Door Compatibility: Measure door thickness and check the deadbolt.
  • Required Tools: Will I need special tools for installation?

Connectivity and Integration

For seamless operation, the lock’s connectivity is a significant factor.

  • Wi-Fi: For remote access without a hub.
  • Bluetooth: For on-site access without internet.
  • Smart Home Integration: Compatibility with systems like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Security Features

My priority is keeping my home secure, so I closely examine these:

  • Encryption Level: The higher the encryption, the better for security.
  • Auto Lock/Unlock: Automatically secures my door when I leave or arrive.

Access Control

I look for flexible entry methods that cater to my lifestyle:

Entry Method Description
Keypad I can enter a code to unlock the door.
App Access Open the lock through an app on my phone.
Physical Key A backup in case of power or connectivity issues.

Battery Life

Long battery life is important to avoid frequent replacements.

  • Battery Type: Common batteries are more convenient to replace.
  • Low Battery Alerts: Ensures I’m notified before the lock loses power.

I also consider the product’s warranty and customer support, as these can be indicative of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product and dedication to my satisfaction as a consumer.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I cover some of the most common questions about using and troubleshooting the August Smart Lock.

1. How do I install an August Smart Lock on my door?

To install the August Smart Lock, you first need to remove the existing thumb latch on the inside of your door. Then, attach the August plate and Adapter to your deadbolt. Finally, clip the August Smart Lock onto the mounting plate and secure it with the locking wings.

2. What are the common issues users face with August Smart Locks, and how can they be addressed?

Users may experience issues like dead batteries, connection problems, or difficulty with auto-unlock features. For battery issues, replace them with fresh ones. If there are connection problems, check the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity and ensure the August Connect device is within range. Auto-unlock issues often require recalibrating the lock through the app.

3. How can I troubleshoot connectivity problems with the August Smart Lock?

To troubleshoot connectivity issues, ensure your smartphone or August Connect is close to the lock and has Bluetooth enabled. Refresh your app and check for any interference before attempting to reconnect. If problems persist, restart the lock and your phone.

4. What are the steps to reset an August Smart Lock to factory settings?

To reset your August Smart Lock to the factory settings, go to the settings in your August app and select ‘Factory Reset.’ Confirm your choice, and the app will guide you through the process. Afterwards, re-setup your lock with the app.

5. Are there compatibility considerations for the August Smart Lock with different smart home ecosystems?

Yes, the August Smart Lock is compatible with various smart home ecosystems including Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. Verify your smart lock model for full compatibility and ensure your smart home hub firmware is up to date for smooth integration.

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