Does Ring Work with Google Home? Full Guide

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Does Ring Work with Google Home: Integration and Compatibility Guide

Integrating smart home devices to work in harmony can often seem like a daunting task, but the synergy between Ring products and Google Home is achievable with some setup. Ring’s range of smart home devices, including video doorbells, security cameras, and alarm systems, can indeed be connected to Google Home, albeit with certain limitations. This allows users to manage their Ring devices using voice commands through Google Assistant, enhancing their smart home experience.

A Google Home device and a Ring doorbell are placed next to each other, with the Ring doorbell illuminated and the Google Home device displaying a green light indicating it is connected and working

The process of linking Ring devices to Google Home involves a series of steps initiated through the Google Home app. Users need to add their Ring devices by navigating the app’s setup options. This integration then enables them to interact with their Ring products, controlling features such as live video feeds, smart locks, and potentially the use of routines that incorporate Ring devices within the Google Home ecosystem. While the integration does not currently support all Ring functionalities, it successfully brings a significant portion of Ring’s capabilities into the Google Home interface, providing users with a more cohesive smart home management system.

Getting Started with Ring and Google Home

A Ring doorbell is mounted on a front door, while a Google Home device sits on a nearby table. The doorbell and Google Home are connected and communicating with each other

Setting up Ring to work with Google Home is a straightforward process. I’ll walk you through the steps to get things up and running quickly.

Step 1: Install the Ring Device

Firstly, ensure your Ring device is installed and working correctly using the Ring app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

Step 2: Prepare the Google Home App

Next, on the same device, open the Google Home app. If you don’t have it installed, you can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step 3: Add the Ring Device to Google Home

Here’s how to add Ring to your Google Home network:

  • Tap the “+” symbol in the top left corner of the Google Home app.
  • Select Set up device.
  • Choose the Works with Google option.

Step 4: Link Ring to Your Google Account

Now it’s time to link the Ring account:

  1. Search for “Ring” in the list of available devices.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Ring account to Google Home.

Once these steps are completed, you should be able to control your Ring device with voice commands through Google Home, as well as via the app on any supported device including smartphones, tablets, or even through a web browser.

Remember, while integrations are possible, the functionality may be limited compared to native Amazon Alexa integration, given that Ring is an Amazon-owned company. However, basic commands and monitoring are well-supported within the Google ecosystem.

Understanding the Compatibility

A Google Home device sits on a table, while a hand reaches out to place a Ring smart doorbell nearby. The two devices are shown connecting and working together seamlessly

In this section, I will detail how Ring products integrate with the Google Home ecosystem and identify which Ring devices are supported. My focus is to ensure you have clear information about how these devices work together to enhance your smart home experience.

Ring and Google Home Integration

My Ring products can be linked to Google Home, allowing some degree of control and interaction between them. To link a Ring device with a Google Home device, I need to follow several steps:

  1. Open the Google Home app on my phone.
  2. Tap the “+” icon and select “Set up device.”
  3. Choose “Works with Google” to access third-party integrations.
  4. Search for “Ring” and enter my Ring account credentials to authorize the connection.

Once linked, I can use voice commands through Google Home to control Ring devices, albeit with some limitations. For example, I can ask Google to show me my Ring Doorbell’s live feed on a Google Nest display, but interaction is restricted compared to the full capabilities with Amazon Alexa devices due to the differing ecosystems.

Supported Ring Devices

The integration of Ring devices with Google Home is more limited than with Amazon’s ecosystem. However, there are still a range of Ring products that work with Google Home:

  • Ring Doorbells: This includes most of the video doorbell models Ring offers.
  • Ring Cameras: Security cameras such as the Ring Stick Up Cam are included.
  • Ring Lights: These can be controlled to an extent through voice commands using Google Home.

While the integration allows for basic functionalities such as live video viewing and voice commands, it’s important to note that not all features of Ring devices may be available through Google Home. This is due to the different protocols and technologies used in each brand’s ecosystem.

Setting Up Voice Commands

A Google Home device is being connected to Ring, with voice commands being set up. The two devices are shown in close proximity, with visible signals of connection and activation

Integrating Ring with Google Home enables me to manage my Ring devices using voice commands. To do this effectively, I’ll cover the necessary steps for linking accounts and list the common voice commands that I can use once the setup is complete.

Linking Your Accounts

First, it’s essential to link my Ring account with Google Home. I open my Google Home app and tap the “+” icon, then select “Set up device” and choose “Works with Google.” I search for “Ring” in the displayed list and complete the linking process by following the on-screen instructions.

To Link Accounts:

  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Tap the “+” icon.
  3. Select “Set up device”.
  4. Choose “Works with Google”.
  5. Search and select “Ring”.
  6. Follow the instructions to complete linking.

Common Voice Commands

Once my accounts are linked, I can use a variety of voice commands through Google Assistant to interact with my Ring Video Doorbell and other Ring devices. For instance, I can ask Google to show me the live feed from my Ring doorbell on my Google Nest Hub or other smart displays.

Voice Commands Include:

  • To Start Live Feed: “Hey Google, show me the [Ring Device Name] camera.”
  • To Check Device Status: “Hey Google, is the [Ring Device Name] armed?”
  • To Arm Ring Alarm: “Hey Google, arm Ring.”
  • To Disarm Ring Alarm: “Hey Google, disarm Ring.”

It’s important to note that some features available on Amazon’s Echo devices may not be supported with Google Home, such as two-way talk. However, viewing the live feed and arming/disarming devices by voice are consistently reliable functions.

Managing Your Smart Home

When it comes to integrating Ring devices with Google Home, my focus lies on enhancing the control and management of smart security within the home environment. Here’s how I leverage features for live video and notifications as well as interact with other smart devices.

Live Video and Notifications

Motion Alerts: When my Ring cameras and doorbells detect movement, I am immediately informed through motion alerts. This real-time notification is an asset for maintaining vigilance.

Doorbell Ring: If someone presses my Ring doorbell, I get an alert. This is particularly useful when I am not within earshot of the physical doorbell.

Live Video Feeds: I can stream live video from my Ring devices directly to compatible smart displays like the Echo Show. This enables me to see who is at the door or monitor any area of my house covered by Ring cameras.

Ring Alarm: The integration also extends to the Ring Alarm system. If the alarm is triggered, Google Home will notify me, keeping me apprised of the security situation at my place.

Smart Device Interactions

Speakers and Thermostats: I can instruct Google Home to interact with other smart devices in my home, such as speakers and thermostats, adding layers of convenience and efficiency.

Ring Lights: If paired, I could control Ring smart lights with voice commands, which is incredibly helpful when I need to illuminate an area remotely or if my hands are full.

Ring Alarm Systems: For comprehensive home security, my Ring alarm system is part of the connected environment. Armed with voice commands, I can effortlessly arm or disarm the system using Google Home.

By integrating Ring with Google Home, I have not only streamlined the smart device interactions but also fortified my home’s security with seamless live video and notification systems.

Exploring Advanced Features and Limitations

In integrating Ring products with Google Home, I find that while there is a range of functionality available, there are also specific limitations that users may encounter.

Enhanced Functionality

Motion Detection and Live Video Feed: I can access the live video feed from my Ring doorbell on any compatible display device, such as the Google Home Hub, through a straightforward linking process in the Google Home app. For instance, by saying “Hey Google, show me the front door,” the live feed is promptly displayed. The motion detection alerts are also forwarded, allowing me to stay informed of outside activity.

Tech Compatibility: The Ring devices seamlessly integrate with both Android and iOS platforms, making the setup process accessible on a broad range of smartphones and tablets.

Two-Way Talk: I am able to communicate directly with visitors through two-way talk functionality by using voice commands on my Google Home, which acts as an intermediary for this feature.

Recognizing Limitations

Video Recording and Subscription: I should note that for access to recorded video, a subscription to Ring’s service is needed. Unfortunately, this recorded footage isn’t directly accessible through the Google Home app; instead, it’s managed within the Ring app.

Chromecast Integration: The video feed from my Ring devices can be streamed to a TV with a Google Chromecast plugged in or built-in, providing another level of convenience, though this does require an extra step of setting up Chromecast in the Google Home app.

Interoperability with Alexa: While Ring is designed to work predominantly with Amazon Alexa, given that Ring is an Amazon-owned company, I’ve found that I can still achieve a degree of interoperability with Google Home. However, the range of voice commands and automation is more limited compared to Alexa.

Battery Status Monitoring: For Ring devices that are battery-powered, I can check the battery level through the Ring app. Even so, the Google Home integration does not provide real-time battery status updates, so I need to proactively monitor this to prevent any loss of security coverage.

Does Ring Work with Google Home: Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Maintaining an integrated smart-home suite that includes Ring products and Google Home devices ensures my home security system runs smoothly. Addressing connectivity issues and managing my accounts are two key areas I focus on for seamless operation.

Connectivity Issues

If my Ring doorbell rings or motion detector alarms fail to notify my Google Home devices, I check for connectivity issues. Key steps include:

  1. Ensuring Wi-Fi Stability: Ring devices require a stable Wi-Fi connection to communicate with Google Home. I verify my router’s operation and signal strength.
  2. Battery Life: If my Ring device is battery-powered, I ensure it is charged fully to maintain its functionality.
  3. Device Compatibility: I confirm whether my Ring device works with Google Home. While Ring is compatible, not all features may be supported.
  4. Google Home Setup: I ensure that my Google Home is properly set up. This involves:
    • Checking if my Google Home device is linked to the same Wi-Fi network as my Ring product.
    • Verifying if I have linked my Ring account to my Google account correctly via the Google Home app.
  5. Check Updates: Both the Google Home and Ring devices need to be running on the latest software versions.

Account Management

Managing my accounts effectively prevents issues and guarantees access to full functionality.

  • Linking Accounts: Initially, I link my Ring account with my Google account using the Google Home app. This enables voice commands through my Echo Dot or Google Home and the integration with smart displays.
  • Unlinking Accounts: If my smart-home setup is not functioning as needed, I may have to unlink and then relink my Ring account. This can resolve synchronization problems.
  • IFTTT Services: In some cases, I use IFTTT to create custom automation between Ring and Google Home if native functionality is lacking.

Additionally, I regularly check the integration of my Ring security cameras with Google-supported devices like Chromecast to ensure I can stream live video to my smart displays. If I encounter issues, I review the microphone settings and permissions to confirm that my voice commands are recognized correctly. Maintaining this ecosystem allows me to control Ring products throughout my property confidently.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I’ll clarify the common questions about the integration of Ring devices with Google Home, the connection procedures, limitations, differences from Alexa integration, workarounds, and available features with Google Assistant.

1. How can I integrate my Ring devices with Google Home?

To integrate Ring devices with Google Home, open the Google Home app, tap the ‘+’ icon, and select ‘Set up device’. Choose ‘Works with Google’ and search for ‘Ring’. Follow the prompts to link your Ring account with Google Home.

2. What are the steps to connect Ring doorbell to Google Home Hub?

To connect the Ring doorbell with your Google Home Hub, begin by opening the Google Home app. Add a new device by tapping the ‘+’ symbol and choose the option ‘Works with Google’. Find Ring in the device list and follow the instructions to link your accounts and authorize Google Home to access your Ring doorbell.

3. Are there any limitations when using Ring products with Google Nest?

When using Ring products with Google Nest, you may notice limitations, such as a restricted range of voice commands and control functions, especially compared to the native integration with Amazon Alexa.

4. The differences in functionality of Ring when used with Alexa versus Google Home?

Ring is designed to work seamlessly with Alexa, offering broader functionality such as triggering routines or more detailed interactions. With Google Home, the interoperability is limited with fewer voice commands and automation capabilities.

5. Is there a workaround for connecting a Ring doorbell to Google Home after support was dropped?

Currently, if direct support for the Ring doorbell with Google Home has been dropped, no official workaround is provided. Users might need to rely on third-party services or apps to bridge the connection, but this is not officially endorsed.

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